f My Body Temple - 4 Step Homecare Daily Facial Routine

4 Step Homecare Daily Facial Routine

The younger we are, the quicker the renewal of cells in the epidermis, which is what keeps us looking young. A facial every 28 days greatly enhances this cycle of skin-cell regeneration, while gentle massage on the face improves blood flow to the skin and stimulates movement of the lymph. However, in our busy lives we sometimes do not get the time to visit a salon every month. Therefore this 4 simple step skincare routine has been designed as part of your daily cleansing routine which is easy and effective to help strengthen your facial muscles, reduce puffiness and give your complexion that all important glow!



Very important for removing dirt, grime, make-up, pollutants and dust. Our cleansers are very thoughtfully designed containing micro beads of exfoliant (except Honey and Chamomile) to remove dead skin cells too. Gently apply with clean, wet hands and massage on to the face in upwards and outward motion paying particular attention to the t-zone area where a lot of the dirt collects. Rinse off with luke warm water. Your skin will feel thoroughly clean.



A very important step, unfortunately a lot of people miss this one out. Our floral water spritz is gentle on the skin, providing moisture and hydration for the pores, awakening and revitalising the skin and most importantly preparing the skin for the action of our skincare products. Spray 2-3 times on the face and neck and leave to dry naturally. Your skin will feel wet, hydrated and tingly.



A highly important step. This is where active nutrients are applied onto the skin. We need to protect and repair our skin on a daily basis with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and cell regenerating plant extracts. It is at this step where the anti-ageing ingredients work beautifully and penetrate deeply into the skin. Apply a small amount about 2-3 squirts from the bottle onto the face and neck area. Always apply upwards and outwards to avoid dragging the skin and pulling it down. Your skin will feel tight and taut and ready to be moisturised.



This seals the deal. Each of our creams are packed full of cold pressed essential oils, herbs and plant extracts at levels that actually make a difference to the skin. Our 100% natural creams will protect the skin from pollution and dehydration. Apply 1-2 squirts from the bottle onto the face and neck in upwards and outwards direction. Let the cream get thoroughly absorbed as you gently massage your face and neck, stimulating the blood flow to the face and oxygenating your pores. Your skin will feel absolutely rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead.


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