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Hi Shraddha,

I look forward in receiving my order! I can't wait!! 
Also, I'd just like to say, I had recently been introduced to your products about a month ago (recommended by my beautician) and honestly I can not express the joy and appreciation. I have already seen a difference just by using the serum and face moisturiser and people have noticed too! My only issue is I have slight pigmentation due to pimples but those too are fading away very slowly...so well done! 
I've always found it difficult to find the right products for my skin, so thank you for your producing such wonderful skincare products. 
Take care and best wishes, 
Lamiyah Sultan








"I absolutely love your products, thank you! Can't recommend them enough. I've tried loads of brands (Estee Lauder, Evelom, Clinique..), but will stick with this one. 

I particularly like the oatmeal and peppermint facewash, it does wonders. My skin has cleared up and stays this way even while living in London and getting less than ideal hours of sleep at night at times 

Also, I really like that I know exactly what's in it, and they are vegan friendly. 
Marja Verbon

"Just received my order in beautiful packaging, would be ideal for gifts, thanks" Harriet Goodyer
I've been using My Body Temple's products for my skin, they are excellent. I recommend them to all my friends and familly" Feri Kianian


 "Hi Shraddha,

Just an e-mail to let you know that I'm really happy with the products you sent me. I have been using them for two months now and I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin's health! Normally during the "blossom" time of the month, it is break out everywhere but now it is almost nothing! I have to confess that I am to lazy to use the products twice a day but even once a day has made such a difference! 
Thank you so much.
 Kind regards, 
Paula Verbon 
Dear Shraddha,
My Body Temple was a big discovery for me. Since I discovered their face cream, it has become my daily cream and i can't be without it! It has a great texture, very hydrating but not sticky or oily. I have sensitive skin and have been searching for the perfect beauty products for my skin, and My Body Temple is IT! They use natural ingredients so I don't have to worry about what I'm putting on my face, and it feels really good on my skin! In addition, there's a lot of heart and soul in this company, which makes it even sweeter! I have found my perfect match!
Farah Siraj xxx