Green Tea & Pearl Face Wash News



GR&P face wash 300dpi


I always had a dream to create a product that is unique yet perfect, in my eyes Green Tea & Pearl Face Wash is just that. It’s rich, creamy base cleanser is smooth with tiny beads of crushed pearls, white to represent pureness and smells divine with its earthly rich fragrance. I absolutely love it!

I wanted to create a face wash that was gentle yet effective in getting rid of my dead skin cells and helping all the goodness in the product to penetrate through my skins’ pores – giving me the radiance, shine and glow that is picture perfect. No airbrushing needed, no make-up needed – it allows your skin to talk..

Thank you to all my loyal customers for always choosing it to address to your skins’ needs..

Green Tea and Pearl Face Wash….is Nature’s Answer to Natural Beauty