How wonderfully healthy it is to be vegetarian! News


Being or becoming vegetarian is now no longer as hard as it used to be maybe 10-15 years ago. Most restaurants offering different cuisines always have at least 5-10 dishes on the menu to satisfy your taste buds – and some truly amazing delectables too!


The benefits are far far more than one can imagine and it’s truly a myth that there isn’t enough protein in vegetarian diet. There are plenty of options for the adventurous ones as well as the simple ones.

The benefits include:

1. Healthier lifestyle

2. Weight loss

3. Less cruelty to animals

4. Glowing skin and complexion

5. Reduce risk of coronary diseases

6. Chronic degenerative diseases 

7. Stronger bones

8. Reduce risk of food-borne diseases

9. You will ease the symptoms of menopause

10. You will have more energy

11. You will save money

12. You plate will be more colourful

Phew the above are the few of the money advantages.

Not to mentions it’s totally cool to be vegetarian, here are some of the list of celebs who are vegetarian:

Alicia Silverstone

Anne Hathaway

Ashley Judd

Diane Keaton

Ellen Degeneres

Joss Stone

Leona Lewis

Olivia Wilde

Pamela Anderson

Michelle Pfeiffer

Shania Twain

Stella Mccartney

Bill Clinton

Bryan Adams

Forrest Whitaker

Paul Mccartney

Phil Collen

Russell Brand and many more

Watch this space for some recipes..