Do you want to send your metabolism into overdrive? News


Treadmills are super great way to do cardio – it’s simple to use and they can be great fun especially if you use one of those with the TV on them. But running continuously at a steadish pace is not going to achieve you the results you want – it will make you fit but you also want to burn fat. So guys turn it into a high intensity interval training – run for 3 minutes then walk for a minute do that until you achieve the desired calorie burn figure you want for that workout session. Aim for the calorie burn not the time.

Plyometric workouts/exercises are super fun – they are intense but are over in a few minutes leaving you breathless and totally feeling rewarded for your hard work – they are explosive moves such as box jumps or burpees. The nifty moves work lots of muscle groups at once, which revs up your heart rate and torches calories. Originally they were designed for atlhletes, plyometric workouts also boost muscle power and explosiveness meaning you will gain more muscle mass and strength.



With any exercise you do – please be careful to avoid any injuries.

One great easy soup recipe I have everyday when I workout is:

Mixed vegetable from frozen packet, pour it in boiling water, cook for a few minutes, add lemon, salt and pepper to taste and eat it hot. It’s tastier than it sounds..try it out..