Problem skin Expert Advice

You may be experiencing a skin blemishes such as pimples, blemished skin, eye bags, puffiness of the face and sun damage. As common as these skin problems are, they can really affect self-confidence and it is important that problem skin is treated effectively. If your problem skin is causing you real discomfort or worry, it is best to see a doctor.


It is important to find out the causes of problem skin, so that you can avoid the external factors which may be irritating your skin. Common causes and irritants of problem skin are:


Cosmetics  – certain cosmetics and toiletries can block pores, dry out the skin or create excess oil. My Body Temple’s 100% natural skincare products are ideal for problem skin because they are mild and gentle and do not block pores.


Detergents – some washing powders irritate the skin. If you have a skin problem, we recommend you use a non-biological washing powder and wear breathable fabrics, such as cotton.


Hormonal imbalance  – pregnancy, menopause and other stages in your life can cause skin problems when hormones fluctuate.


Overloading your body with toxins  – such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco can make skin prone to problems, as does eating an unhealthy diet which does not contain essential nutrients.


Stress and anxiety  – can increase hormone production, which in turn may create problem skin.

Lack of

Lack of fresh air, lack of sunshine and not enough sleep or exercise  – also contribute to the occurrence of problem skin.

The sun's rays

The sun's rays  – excessive exposure to the sun causes skin damage such as sunburn, wrinkles and dry skin.

Picking Spots

Picking Spots  – can rupture follicle walls, which causes inflammation or infection and an outbreak of whiteheads, sometimes leading to blemished skin.

My Body Temple’s 100% natural skin care products are designed to deeply soothe, nourish, hydrate and repair problem skin on the face and body. It’s formulated for problem skin using high quality natural ingredients which alleviate skin irritation and treat skin damage. Nutritious plant oils and intensely hydrating fruit extracts are blended with the finest essential oils and vitamins. The result is pure, mild and natural moisturisers and body creams for problem skin that do not block pores. When used regularly, My Body Temple’s skin care products can dramatically improve the texture and appearance of problem skin.


Face Wash - Oatmeal and Peppermint Face Wash

Face Wash if skin is very sensitive - Honey and Chamomile Cleansing Milk

Toner - Rose Floral Water Spritz

Serum - Anti-ageing and Repair Serum (not for sensitive skin)

Moisturiser - Marine Collagen and Silk Protein Cream (very balancing for the skin and has anti-ageing benefits too!)

Mask - Green Tea Face Mask (use three times a week. If skin is very sensitive please refrain from using)