Dry skin Expert Advice

One of the most common skin conditions is dry skin. You can have dry or very dry skin on the face or all over your body, or you may just have patches in certain places. Although dry skin is not medically harmful in general, dry skin symptoms can become quite uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. We have the perfect solution for it! 

Dry skin has many forms. The mildest dry skin symptoms can be recognised by a consistently dry or dehydrated look to your skin, some mild flaking of the skin and a slight tightness in the feel of your skin. Although skin has its own natural elasticity, the drier your skin is, the less supple it will be. This increased tightness can lead to other skin problems such as increased stretch marks and more wrinkles. Very dry skin can result in dry, scaly or itchy skin and dryness around the eyes. Severe symptoms should be discussed with a doctor.



Dehydration  – not drinking enough water is one of the most common causes of dry skin. We cannot stress enough how important it is for the health of your skin to drink lots of water and use an effective, natural facial moisturiser and body cream to treat dry skin.

The Environment

The Environment – one of the most common causes of dry skin is your surroundings. Dry skin symptoms can plague you in the winter months because of the lack of humidity (moisture) in the air. If you live in drier/arid areas, it doesn’t have to be cold outside for the air to significantly reduce your skin’s moisture level.

Sun Damage

Sun Damage – being in the sun/sunbathing for prolonged periods, even with sun block, can lead to really dry skin, increased stretch marks and more wrinkles.

Oil Glands

Oil Glands – when the oil glands don’t supply enough lubrication, this can result in very dry skin.

My Body Temple’s has a range of high quality dry skin products-cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturisers, serums and body creams, created especially for dry and very dry skin. When used regularly, these 100% natural products rehydrate and deeply nourish the skin, restoring elasticity, radiance and provide soothing relief of dry skin symptoms.


Face wash - Omega Rich Carrot Face Wash
Toner - Rose Floral Water Spritz
Serum - Anti-ageing and Repair Serum
Moisturiser - Oriental Lotus and Rose Cream (A must!)
Mask - Green Tea Face Mask (use once a week)
Body - Vanilla & White Chocolate Body Lotion
Hands - Apricot Hand Cream