Normal and Combination Skin Expert Advice

Normal skin is the skin type that everyone desires – well-balanced, not too oily, not too dry and not sensitive. It is important to keep it that way by using the best natural skin care products for normal skin.

Combination skin is a common skin type that is a combination of oily and dry parts of the complexion. Oiliness often occurs in the T-zone (across the forehead and down the centre of the face), leaving the rest of the face either normal or dry.

Combination Skin is caused simply because oil glands in the skin on the central part of your face produce excessive amounts of sebum (oil), which results in an oily T-zone.

My Body Temple’s range of 100% natural skin care products is enriched with anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial ingredients and is ideal for this type of skin. Packed with natural plant oils, nourishing fruit extracts and the finest essential oils to care for normal skin and gently treat combination skin, without blocking pores.


Face wash Green - Tea and Pearl Face Wash OR Oatmeal and Peppermint Face Wash (for more oily skin)

Toner - Rose Floral Water Spritz

Serum - Anti-ageing and Repair Serum

Moisturiser - Marine Collagen and Silk Protein Cream

Mask - Green Tea Face Mask (twice a week use)